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About Lurice: Your Trusted Source for Wholesale Rice from China and Vietnam

At Lurice, we are passionate about bringing you the finest quality wholesale rice from China and Vietnam. We understand that rice is a staple food for countless cultures around the world, and we are committed to providing you with the perfect varieties to meet your culinary needs.

Experience and Expertise:

We have built strong relationships with trusted rice producers in both China and Vietnam. This allows us to source the freshest, most flavorful rice varieties directly from the source. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of rice types, processing methods, and global rice markets. This ensures we can provide you with the best possible options and guidance.

Variety and Quality:

We offer a wide range of wholesale rice options, including:

  • Long grain rice: Perfect for fluffy dishes and side dishes.

  • Medium grain rice: Ideal for creamy risottos and paella.

  • Short grain rice: Excellent for sushi and rice cakes due to its sticky texture.

  • Specialty rices: Including aromatic Jasmine rice, nutty Basmati rice, and nutrient-rich brown rice.

We meticulously select each rice variety based on strict quality standards. This ensures consistent texture, flavor, and aroma in every bag you receive.

Unbeatable Service:

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to our wholesale partners. Our team is readily available to answer your questions, provide expert advice, and help you find the perfect rice for your needs. We offer competitive pricing and flexible ordering options to ensure a smooth and successful partnership.

Partner with Lurice:

At Lurice, we are more than just a rice supplier. We are your trusted partner in delivering high-quality rice solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale rice options and discuss how we can help you elevate your culinary creations.



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